High Definition Plastics™ Database is dedicated to measuring quality and process improvement per material when using Roctool technology. Each molding test is completed first in conventional molding and then with Roctool technology for clear comparison. We are constantly adding new material providers and new resins in order to grow this unique database.


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HDP material database™

A source of information to understand the possible gap achievable with Roctool and major resins providers in terms of flow length, gloss improvement, replication rate, pressure drop, tensile modulus...

Access now to more than 30 materials tested with and without Roctool Technology.

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  • ABS Resin

  • PC Resin

  • PC+PBT Resin

  • PC+SAN GF20 Resin

  • PCR ABS Resin

  • PEI Resin

  • PMMA Resin

  • PPA CF40 Resin

Traditional and Innovative Materials Tested

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